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product design and product development
Corporate design
Logo design, Icon design

We are a design agency and business consultancy, based in the heart of Berne, a truly inspiring city and UNESCO world heritage site

The joyfully relaxed, no-nonsense spirit of the multifaceted capital of Switzerland – which enchants us daily with magnificent, horizon broadening views of snow-capped mountains – is reflected in our design solutions, from products to complex concepts.

Our services distinguish themselves by our comprehensive approach which is key to a seamless integration and successful implementation.

Our strength is to understand and respect the needs and wishes of all people involved in product and business development

We listen to CEOs and product managers as well as engineers, and we act as the de facto advocates of the end consumer. Therefore, we are able to create successful products and services which make all involved parties happy.


And thanks to our broad technology know-how, we enable our clients to be pioneers who get it right from the start.

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