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Development and implementation of a comprehensive corporate design, conception and realisation of an entirely new website, including creation of content, encompassing the development of a dedicated visual language, and carrying out photo-shootings


Conception, design and realisation of their new website including planning and execution of dedicated photo-shootings encompassing  interiors and facilities of the practice as well as portraits of the team

EN gourmet collectors

Development and implementation of a full-fledged corporate design that nestles well into the context of the visual appearances of the parent company's other divisions

EN ceterum gusto

Development and implementation of a dedicated corporate design which defines an independent design language for the entire culinary section of Ceterum Gusto's parent company 

EN monkey brothers

Conception and realisation of a corporate design that visualises and instantly transmits the scope of the personal training team's fields of expertise

EN halcyonist

Development and implementation of a sophisticated corporate design, including a variety of individual but related design concepts for all the different platforms and editions of the international, multimedia premium magazine 

EN halcyonist guild

Development and implementation of a matching corporate design for The Halcyonist's exclusive guild spin-off which belongs to the not-for-profit department of the parent company 

EN hb

Development and implementation of the high-end market positioning , creation of the visual product strategy, including graphics and wording, corporate design and web design as well as execution of photo and video shootings

EN alpenruh

Creation and implementation of the corporate strategy and design, infusing long-standing tradition with modernity, meticulously paying attention to every little detail and also transmitting some sense of humour

EN treuhand

Development and implementation of corporate design

EN swissleap

Our mandate for SwissLEAP comprises a strategic market positioning concept, name finding, corporate design and realisation of their website 

EN sanare

Development and implementation of a comprehensive visual repositioning after the takeover of the well-known and well-established business by a younger generation, consisting of corporate design, web design, pictograms, vehicle and workwear labelling, photography, etc. 

EN Cynthia

Creation and realisation of the corporate design and website for the artist Cynthia Capriata, both illustrating her work as an artist as well as an art educator and governmental policy maker

EN Solarempower

Creation and realisation of the entire corporate design and matching website as well as marketing tools 

EN urania

Conception, design and realisation of their new website

EN ms cars

Creation of a new logo and based on it, an entirely new, matching corporate design

EN brillenbau

Creation of their entire corporate design as well as a strategic concept for their website

EN tri

Creation of a new log and, based on it, of an entire matching sportswear collection for training and competitions

EN kurier

Creation of a new logo and a concept for their car labelling

EN Suzanne

Creation of a new corporate design around the logo. Main focus was webpage design.

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